Holi Makeover✿


Hello people!

So I’m finally back to blogging as my exams are over now. And these exams were the best exams that I’ve ever given in my life till now. But unfortunately, I couldn’t play Holi properly due to my busy schedule, but I somehow managed to play enough for writing a blog about it.

This year too I wore some old clothes, because well I can’t tolerate to see my new and expensive clothes turn into a mess. (Most of you would agree to that :*)

As you can see in the pictures, I styled myself with a blue coloured kurti, and a pair of old Zara jeggings. With that, I had put on a pair of black flip-flops and with this I was ready to play holi with my friends and family. I avoided wearing any accessories or jewelry because they’re too kind of precious to me and they would’ve easily gotten coloured permanently and hence would corrode.

To make my simple and easy look even more elegant, I made this wonderful hairstyle, called the ‘alien princess space pony’. It’s just a simple braid in the centre of the head, which is further taken back into a ponytail.

For you to recreate this look plus the hairstyle, I’ve added a few links which you can check out below.

Wishing all a very happy and colourful Holi, and I’m sure you all must’ve had an amazing time!

Stay Elegant!

Yours Truly

Credits:  Clothes: Kurti- Westside, Jeggings- ZARA, Shoes- Amazon.in.

Photography: Shiveeka Nirula.


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