Christmas And Chill

15725435_1456867914343104_728875157_o15696404_1456868214343074_763610388_o15697075_1456867827676446_535024341_oHello people!

Wishing you all a very blissful and euphoric Christmas!

It’s truly the most wonderful time of the year, and I hope that all of you out there would have a great time together with your loved ones.

For Christmas I especially got a new Christmas sweater that you can see me wearing in these pictures. This sweater gives out a very Christmassy look and can also be worn out on casual parties other than the Christmas day. Sweaters like these can easily be found in the market, usually around Christmas time. Along with this sweater I wore black High waisted  jeggings. Blue jeans can also be paired with such a sweater.  I kept my overall outfit very simple and easy for the day and therefore didn’t wear any extra accessories.

With the attire, I had put on black leather boots to finish the look. Lastly, as it was Christmas, I wore a pair of reindeer ears on my head. These ears looked super cute and can be ordered from online stores too.  You can also wear a Santa cap, which always looks lovely and adorable on Christmas.

Lots of love and happiness to everyone!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays guys!❅❅❅

Stay Elegant!

Yours Truly

Credits: Sweater – Local Market, Jeggings – ZARA, Shoes – Unknown, Reindeer Ears – Amazon.

Photography Credits:  Shiveeka Nirula.


Winter Carnival Ready


I shot these pictures at my school’s annual winter carnival recently.  Here, I styled myself with a blue fashionable top which had cuts in the sleeve part. For your carnival look, I would suggest you to wear something with a unique and different style so that you really look amazing in the festival. With the top, I wore a pair of black jeggings. High waisted jeans can also go well with such an outfit.  Also, I matched this look with black boots which gave this style a perfect finish.

Along with the clothes, I took a small black bag which I hung on my shoulder on the side. I also matched long silver earrings and a silver bracelet which had a blue stone in it. You can also try wearing a necklace if required.

Winters are finally here, so get ready to look flawless in your winter clothes!

Stay Elegant!                           

Yours Truly

Credits: Top – Target, Australia , Jeggings – Zara, Bag – Colette, Earrings – Unknown, Bracelet – Unknown.

Photography: Sahib Preet Singh  Wahi

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The Easiest Wedding Look

15304468_751655114987041_3612808837040312581_o15272240_751655071653712_1553494992950139860_o15327445_751655118320374_7517323091470153864_nHello people!

Ever wonder how you can look super elegant and subtle at the same time, even in your old ethnic clothes? Guys, it is truly possible that you can get the prettiest and the easiest wedding look in just under 15 minutes.

Wedding seasons in India are one of the best times of the year and this wedding season, I styled myself with my old lehenga which consists of a blue coloured lehenga with a purple choli and a pink dupatta. The lehenga also has a gold metallic shade to it. Along with the Lehenga – Choli, I wore golden heels which matched that metallic shade. The Dupatta is supposed to be the make or break element in this type of attire and the way you take your dupatta with the outfit can completely change the look of your clothes. As my dupatta was made up of a sheer fabric, I took it around my neck and left it open onto my hands, in such a way that my lehenga was totally visible. Like this, my outfit looked simply beautiful and gave out very good Indian impression.

I also paired this look with earrings which were of copper gold colour and had purple beads in them.  You can also wear bangles of a matching colour from the outfit. Rings can also look great with such attire.

This wedding season, remember to look fashionable and fabulous just in your old ethnic clothes!

Stay Elegant!

Yours Truly

Credits: Lehenga Choli and Dupatta – Customised, Shoes – Kala Niketan, Earrings- Exhibition.

Photography- Shiveeka Nirula.

The Ultimate Diwali Outfit


Hello people!

Wishing all a very ecstatic and gleeful Diwali♡

Diwali is one of the major festivals celebrated in India and is also known as ‘the festival of lights’. Like every year, this year too I decided upon dressing up in traditional Indian attire.  Although there are a wide variety of ethnic clothes to choose from, I prefer wearing a Lehenga –Choli  or a Salwaar- Kameez when it comes to Indian wear.

For this Diwali, I styled myself with a burgundy coloured Lehenga with a golden Choli. Also a Dupatta of the same colour to go with it.  Lehengas look more elegant when paired with a Dupatta around the neck, or otherwise the attire gives out a more western appeal usually.  They also give out a very girlish look rather than a mature and fierce look.  I further combined the clothes with golden heels that had large stones on them, which gave out a subtle Indian impression.

Choosing over jewelry to go with traditional can often be a tough task, but usually I keep in mind the metallic colour combinations like gold, silver and copper that would marry my outfit. Hence, I had put on a pair of copper earrings with a dash of burgundy beads in them.  I also wore a shimmery bracelet to finish up my look. You can also try wearing a necklace or some rings matching with your ethnic garments.

Indian ethnic clothes never seem to disappoint and there is no harm in trying new accessories and mix matching the different parts of the attire with other garments.

Fill up your Diwali with happiness and don’t forget to wear colourful and bright clothes to pop up your outfit this festive season!

Stay Elegant!

Yours Truly

Credits: Lehenga Choli – Customized, Dupatta – Customized, Earrings – Exhibition, Bracelet – Exhibition, Shoes – Westside.

Photography: Riya Vaishampayan, Tanzeen Gambhir.

Love Yourself First

Hello people!

This is my first blog post and today I’m writing about something which I always wanted to share my views on. As the name itself suggests, loving our own selves is our priority and everyone should treat themselves in the best way possible.

I often come across people who don’t like some or the other thing about themselves. It may be their body, appearance, hair, etc. I have also met a few who just hate everything about themselves.  Actually, a little time ago, even I didn’t like my own self. I wasn’t confident with my body and usually thought that I was fat. Most clothes never looked good on me and I looked ‘oversized and ugly’.

And yes, I slowly lost confidence and started hating myself. I hardly had any friends, I used to be lonely all the time and I was completely broke.

But over this past year, I have actually learned how to love me for all my imperfections and accept myself without caring about all these flaws.

All this started when I STOPPED caring about how I look. Yes, everything changed when I started loving myself.

I often thought to myself, won’t I look fat in a dress? What will other people think of me? Will people judge me for that?

I was angry, annoyed and irritated with myself. But I eventually found one answer to all these questions.

So What!

Now when someone said that I looked bad, I invariably thought If It Even Mattered?  All around me I saw and got inspired by new friends, my family, many bloggers and celebrities too.


And just then I gradually gained confidence in myself.  People didn’t stop body shaming me, they still haven’t, but now I am actually proud of who I am. Soon, I found new friends who actually cared about me, I was not lonely anymore and I realized how much I had changed just by becoming fond of myself. I stopped editing my pictures, discontinued using ways to try and make myself look thinner and better. And now I just don’t feel the need to make myself more appealing to others. There is no point pretending to be someone who we aren’t. In fact, if you pretend to be someone else, no one knows the actual you, and according to me that is a very ambiguous life, a life where one is there, but still isn’t.

I strongly believe that disliking one’s self is just a cruel psychological concept. Seeing people around me ‘not liking’ themselves, entices me to compel them to become aware of the fact that every single person in this world is Unique, and all we have to do is embrace our faults and flaws. I am glad to accept that I love myself the most and before anything and anyone else. People, we should all realize the fact that,

Only WE can make ourselves extraordinary.

Only WE can love ourselves the most.

All of US are special. We just need to believe, and be what WE are.

We need to Love ourselves before looking for others to love us. Before anything else, we have to think about our own self. We can be true to others only when we’re true to ourselves.

Cheer up, be Confident and be Amazing!

Stay Elegant!

Yours Truly